Solution Patterns: Contributors Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the contributors' frequently asked questions below:

What are solution patterns for cloud native architecture?

It’s a resourceful set of information about an opinionated reference architecture that addresses one or more scenarios and challenges faced by developers and architects.

What is part of a solution pattern?

See the key assets that initially composes a solution pattern:

  • Architectural representation of the solution (preferably with C4 Model);

  • Reproducible implementation of the architectural solution;

  • Open documentation through a website (for more information check: Solution Patterns: Contributors Guide);

  • Potential use cases and objectives;

  • Architecture technical explanation;

  • Implementation (demo) explanation and details;

Who can contribute?

The solution patterns are open source under the apache license and everyone is welcome to contribute by sending fixes, enhancements and creating new solutions.

How to contribute?

These are some ways you can contribute to the architectural solution patterns for cloud native apps:

  • Report issues via GitHub;

  • Send pull requests to fix open issues or enhance existing content and demos;

  • Create new solution patterns and submit via pull request;

Who are the people behind the solution patterns?

The content shared with all the community of developers and architects are mostly brought and backed by Red Hat experienced professionals. We welcome external contributors as welcome as well.